Mar23 - of individuals – the burdens of political...

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The Crisis of Liberalism and the Fascist Alternative Key Terms 1) Fascism 2) Integral Nationalism 3) Corporatism I. The Crisis of Liberalism (and the Enlightenment) World War I and the European Mentality The Enlightenment in Crisis The Triumph of the anti-Enlightenment Tradition The Weaknesses of Liberalism and Liberal Democracy o WWI left people with a general disillusionment o The children of the Enlightenment believed people could use rational thought to create the best environment to ensure their prosperity - Democracies do not generally go to war with one another This was all challenged by WWI People began to look elsewhere in politics Fascism is the ultimate culmination of the anti-enlightenment ideals o Nativism in the United States rose with the KKK and some Nazis Fascism – an authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization o Guided by instinct rather than reason o The will and interest of the nation led by the state trumps the interests
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Unformatted text preview: of individuals – the burdens of political participation are lifted from the individual o Do not nationalize industries but believe in lots of state organization of the economy and infrastructure o Deeply illiberal o The individual does not have a set of rights and should rather be subordinate to the state o Anti-communist – struggle of nations rather than a struggle of classes o Marxists would associate fascism with capitalism o Uses democratic politics to get to power o The citizens were more attached with the leader than the party o Militaristic - glorifies war as the moving ground for prosperity II. The Fascist Challenge • An Alternative Vision for Society • Anti-Liberalism and Liberal Democracy • “Integral” Nationalism and Corporatism • Collectivism vs. Individualism • The Cult of the Leader • Fascist Constituencies...
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Mar23 - of individuals – the burdens of political...

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