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Citizenship copy

Citizenship copy - • Now replaced by the freedom to...

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Bellamy Chapter 3 Exclusion is both necessary and inevitable in citizenship o Dedication-without it, there is no community Public good Participation o Buttresses the legitimacy of the polity o The more the merrier Obedience/loyalty Self-sacrificing o Willingness to give up resources o Willingness to allow other ideas to take precedence over your own Military Service o Can be replaced Diplomacy-lessen tensions between nations Commercialism-interdependence between countries Equality-less tension between classes o Independence Secured by landed property
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Unformatted text preview: • Now replaced by the freedom to contract with others o Backed up by rights Self-sovereignty Literacy • Necessity of universal public education Judgment o Investment Landed property • Worked around by taxes Nationality (birth) • Take a naturalization test • Marry someone Family/kin Stakes Interests Global Citizenship Things to consider when looking at data for the final: Conditions and characteristics of citizenship, what sort of arguments can be made...
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