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Modernity copy - turning it into something people can use...

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Democracy/Freedom “Ancient” “Modern” Defined? Participation Individual Independence Public/Private Relationship Public over Private Private over Public Political Geography Small/Intimate Large Material Foundations War Commerce Citizenship -Meaning -Composition Efficacy Exclusive Burdensome Inclusive Governmental Structure Representative Purposes/Ends/Goals? Freedom Polity People Persons Property Empowerment Protection from the illegitimate actions of government Pleasures Equality Contingent vs. Categorical Many restrictions on citizenship vs. If you are a member of the species, you are entitled to be treated as an equal
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Gains Losses Commerce Peace Stability Manners-cooperation Increases civic commitment -changes civic commitment because now they can trade with other countries instead of going to war with them Happiness Creating wealth enriches the community by taking something of no value and
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Unformatted text preview: turning it into something people can use Selfishness-no civic commitment Division-class conflict Soft dispositions-vanity, self-indulgence-render you unable to defend your polity People become more committed to personal business than their polity Specialization Innovation National Security Polymaths Creates people who are dependent Equality Categorical Solidarity-people feel like they have a chance to improve their circumstances Social mobility Social inequality Assumes people are all equally capable Everyone is self-interested, so everyone needs to have a voice Representative government Contingent Direct Democracy No need to enslave yourself by giving up the right to make decisions that affect you...
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Modernity copy - turning it into something people can use...

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