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biotests differential

biotests differential - Chris Gumulya Bio 126M Unique 51870...

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Chris Gumulya Bio 126M Unique # 51870 Biochemical Differential Tests Lab 1) Purpose: The purpose of this lab was to find guess what kind of bacteria made up an unknown culture by conducting different test. The different types of tests we used were the carbohydrate fermentation test, the indole test, the gelatin liquefaction test, the catalase test, and a test for mobility. Before we started the lab we learned what each test was for and how to conduct it. a) Procedure: The procedure consisted of two experiments over a period of 4 days. i) The first culture that we did the differential tests on was a known culture. I practiced with Proteus vulgaris . We did this so that we could practice on a culture before we tried to find an unknown. So the first thing I did was inoculate the different sugars to test for carbohydrate fermentation. Then I inoculated an indole vial and glucose vial to test for tryptophanase and gelatinase respectfully. Lastly I stabbed an agar culture to test for motility. I also spread
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