MicroLab2pureculture_gramstain - Heather Oslund 2-12-09...

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Heather Oslund 2-12-09 inc#204 Th 2-5 BME 2.106 TA Won Young Choi Lab 2- Gram stain, Streaking for isolation Purpose To learn about streak plate techniques, especially the three stage technique. To learn how to do gram staining and what each stage of the staining does and what effect the addition of water or 0.1% lysozyme has on cells. To observe the difference between oblique transmitted and oblique reflected light when viewing different types of streak plates and organisms. Discussion The three stage streak technique is a good way to isolate a single bacteria and allow a ‘pure’ colony of bacteria with the exact genetic material of the original. It is difficult to properly streak the agar while attempting to be gentle enough to avoid breaking the surface. The gram stain is a multi step process used to determine what category (positive or negative) a certain bacteria fits into. Gram positive bacteria, like Enterococcus faecalis , are stained purple whereas gram negative bacteria, like
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MicroLab2pureculture_gramstain - Heather Oslund 2-12-09...

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