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Moving Forward in a Nursing Career

Moving Forward in a Nursing Career - Wilson1 Sandra Wilson...

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Wilson 1 Sandra Wilson Kelly Meyer English Composition March 01, 2011 Moving Forward in a Nursing Career If you want to become a nurse, there are a lot of different techniques and skills you need to learn. Some of these may include finding the right place to work, where you live. For you to learn all the duties and responsibilities of the job, you need to work your way up the ladder to reach the fullest potential in your career. Nursing is an excellent way to help people and better you by improving others lives. There are many types of nurses, some of which can be certified nurse assistant, known as CNA, license practice nurse, known as LPN, and registered nurse, known as RN. These are the most common; or they are very demanding jobs any where you live. You can also go into specific areas, for example; emergency room, operating room, physical therapy, and obstetrics dealing with pregnancy and childbirth. The first step of becoming a nurse is to find a hospital or health care establishment to work at. Usually you begin at the lowest level, like a helper or nursing assistant. You can work your way up by getting into the nursing program and work hard. Every place is different and has different rules and regulations. They also have numerous job descriptions or tasks for you to do. Choosing one that is right for you is essential in beginning a career in the nursing field. Once you have found the right place to work, learning the duties of your job is very important. Your co-workers and patients all depend on you for your help and safety. It takes some time to learn everything you must know to start to become a nurse. But you will always be put into a situation you haven't dealt with before. Evaluations are based on your job
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