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Assignment 1_with answers - STAT 2507A Assignment#1 Due at...

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STAT 2507A – Assignment #1 Due: June 24, 2009 at the beginning of class. Assignments may be completed in groups of up to 3 persons. (NOTE: other answers may also be acceptable) 1. [5 marks]A recent article from the Financial Post (May 22, 2009) said: “…Canadian consumers are becoming increasingly confident about the prospects for an economic recovery and appear ready to start spending again, according to a national confidence survey…"The picture developing in the minds of Canadian consumers is one of steadying confidence," said Michael Antecol, vice−president of TNS Canadian Facts.” If you were planning on doing a survey to verify the statement, what would be your: a) population? Why? [1]Canadian consumers because that is the group that we are making statements about. b) sample? Why? [1]A group of Canadian consumers because a sample is a subset of the population. c) variable? Why? [1]Whether they are becoming more confident about economic recovery because that is the characteristic that we are making statements about. OR Their expected change in GDP because GDP is an indicator of the economy’s health, etc. d) For the variable you gave in part c, give some examples of the type of values that you would record. Is the variable quantitative or qualitative? [1 for example, 1 for quantitative or qualitative] Yes/No, or scale of 1 to 10, etc. These are qualitative. (Also acceptable are quantitative measures such as the growth in GDP if that is what the variable was). 2. [5]You are asked over the phone “How old are the people in Montréal that are being charged for violent crimes?”. Provide what you would say over the phone to best answer the question with only the graph below. They range from 12 to 82, but there are two main groups (late teens, and thirties), the numbers taper off at the higher age groups. [1 – for measure of center (mean, median, mode) or relative position (percentile), 1 – for measure of spread (range, standard deviation or variance, interquartile range, 1 – for description of shape (right skewed, outliers), 1 – for proper interpretation of each of the measures, 1 – for appropriate level of precision]
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3. [10]The following data is a sample of salaries for company XYZ.      69,5 12       37,5 50       68,2 66       47,8 86       36,6 13       40,1 31       54,2 31       50,3 80       61,1 40       54,0 91       51,0 60       51,2 28       46,0 44       55,9 61       37,8 48       46,9 78       57,6 83       68,3 97       57,4 73       41,7 98       51,0 74       41,8 98       49,4 06       55,7 16       60,4 63  Find: a) Mean 51,713 [2] b) Median 51,074 [2] c) Standard Deviation 9,523 [1] d) Variance 90,686,329 [1] e) Range 32,899 [1] f) Interquartile Range 13,607 [1] g) First quartile 43,971 [1] h) Third quartile 57,578 [1] [get 50% of marks if the correct formula is used but the wrong answer is obtained]
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Assignment 1_with answers - STAT 2507A Assignment#1 Due at...

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