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Assignment 2_with answers - STAT 2507A Assignment#2 Due at...

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STAT 2507A – Assignment #2 Due: August 10, 2009 at the beginning of class. Assignments may be completed in groups of up to 4 persons. (Note: Please show your work. Marks will not be given for only final answers) 1. [20]The website for store XYZ currently does not allow visitors to purchase items online. The website is only intended for people to get information on the store products. Bob, the store manager, has been told on a few occasions by customers that they would like to be able to buy things online. Bob would like to assess how prevalent this desire is among his website visitors. If at least 50% of the website visitors want to make purchases online, Bob will go ahead with a website upgrade to add the feature. You are hired to provide statistical consulting services. Bob has a few ideas of how to select the sample. They are: i) On Monday morning, when it is not busy, he has staff that is available that could ask the survey to people who walk into the store. a) Low cost as staff is already available; walk-in customers may represent future potential online shoppers; personal interview likely to get higher response rate. b) A segment of the website visitors may never go into the store and thus would not be captured in the survey. c) Same as c. ii) Bob has an e-mail list of people who subscribe to the store’s monthly newsletter. An invitation could be sent to the e-mail list. a)
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Assignment 2_with answers - STAT 2507A Assignment#2 Due at...

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