Lab 1 - June 1 2009

Lab 1 - June 1 2009 - STAT2507A Lab 1 June 1, 2009...

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Unformatted text preview: STAT2507A Lab 1 June 1, 2009 Introduction In this lab, you will familiarize yourself with the Minitab environment. Working with real data from the 2001 Census, you will apply the following class concepts:- Population, qualitative and quantitative variables, basic descriptive statistics. Learning objectives: 1. Get to know the different windows in Minitab 2. Saving and opening projects, worksheets 3. Importing data 4. Selecting the data you want 5. Doing basic descriptive statistics Objective 1: Get to know the different windows Session window : All textual (non-graphical) output will appear in the session window. Data window : The data window holds the spreadsheet form of the data. A project will have one data window for each of its worksheets, but only one can be active at a time. History window: This window provides a log of the activities. ReportPad window: P rovides a place in which you can compose and edit details about all the work. You can cut and paste from the session window to the reportpad, and you can also paste graphical output into this location. Project manager window : Allows access to all the windows above. Can be viewed in conjunction with one of the other windows (using the show icons below). EXERCISE 1: Open the file Demo.mpg by going to File -> Open Project. Navigate through the different views by selecting the icons in red below and see how the information displayed changes. 1 Notice your view consist of the Project window to the right, and another window (varies depending on which icon you are on) see image below....
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Lab 1 - June 1 2009 - STAT2507A Lab 1 June 1, 2009...

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