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Lab 1 – June 1, 2009 Answers Answer 1: In the Show Session Folder  , the items in the Project window represent the things displayed  in the Session window. To navigate the Session window, you can click on the items in the  Project window and that will take to the corresponding output in the Session window. Note that  graphs are display in separate windows. If you scroll through just the Session window, you can  see all the output (except the graphs). In the Show Worksheet Folder  , the Project window contains all the worksheets in the  project. The window on the right, shows the worksheet. To switch from one worksheet to  another, click the worksheet in the Project window. In the Show Graphs Folder  , you can access any graphs in the project. 
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Unformatted text preview: In the Show Info Icon , you can get information on the active worksheet. In the Show History Folder , you see the history of the actions complete. On the left, you get all the folders in the Project Manager Window. (Note that if none of the above icons are pressed down, you will have access the Session, Current Data, and Project manager windows and can select whichever you want). The Session window, Current Data window, and Project Manager window icons , allow you to see that window in full screen. Answer #3: Selection condition for the subset should be 'Census_metropolitan_area' = "Ottawa-Hull" AND NOT('Monthly_gross_rent' = MISS()) Answer #4: Stdev = 239.0 and is the sample standard deviation (denominator n-1)...
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