Lab 3 - June 15 2009 - without answers

Lab 3 - June 15 2009 - without answers -...

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Introduction In this lab you familiarize yourself with the binomial, poisson, and hypergeometric distributions. You will apply the following class concepts: - Discrete distributions, histograms Learning objectives: 1. Learning the shapes of the discrete distribution. 2. Reviewing the use of histograms. 3. Learn how to generate probability distribution plots. Exercise You can compare distributions by using the Probability Distribution Plots function under the  Graph menu. This function has four options: View Single: allows you to view a histogram of a single distribution. Vary parameters: allows you to create multiple histograms from the same distribution  with different parameters Two distributions: allows you to create two histograms from different distributions. View probability: allows to you create one histogram that and highlight a desired 
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This note was uploaded on 05/24/2011 for the course STAT 2507 taught by Professor Masoudmollaalizadehnasari during the Summer '09 term at Carleton CA.

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Lab 3 - June 15 2009 - without answers -...

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