Stonewall-Chap4 - undertaken by American military and naval...

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Brent Chaney Question #2 Analyze Jackson’s service during the war with Mexico. On Monday 22 July 1846 Jackson received orders to report to Captain Francis Taylor at Fort Columbus on Governors Island, New York. Jackson found Captain Taylor at Fort Hamilton, New York instead. Thirty-six days after leaving Fort Hamilton they landed on 24 September 1846 at Point Isabel, Texas. In mid-October the detachment that Jackson was part of boarded river boats and traveled up the Rio Grande. Jackson found his first trip to a foreign country very fascinating. He described the area as a “barren waste” but he was in awe of the cities. He could not believe the intricacies of the churches and their “highly ornamented…interior.” It was decided by the higher ups that an amphibious operation would be undertaken in order to attack Mexico at its heart. On 9 March at a beach about 2.5 miles from Veracruz 10,000 troops were unloaded in the largest amphibious operation ever
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Unformatted text preview: undertaken by American military and naval forces until that time. On 26 March, Mexican officers began negotiations of surrender of Veracruz and very soon after Jackson was promoted to second lieutenant. The next significant event that happened during the war in Mexico that involved Jackson was the attack on Mexico City. Jackson was in control of his own small independent section of artillery due to the loss of a commanding officer and he played a large part in the defeat the capture of Mexico City. While the troops he was commanding were pinned down under enemy fire, Jackson manned the only cannon that could be successfully set up and helped provide much needed cover fire. Captain Magruder said that Jackson showed great “devotion, industry, talent, and gallantry” during the battle and that he “proved himself eminently worthy” of having troops under his command....
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Stonewall-Chap4 - undertaken by American military and naval...

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