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Midterm with front_with answers - STAT 2507 A EXAM CODE 001...

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STAT 2507 A EXAM CODE: 001 Midterm EXAMINATION July 8, 2009 DURATION: 2 HOURS Department Name: Course Number: STAT2507 A Course Instructors: Jerry Situ Non-Programmable, Non-Graphing Calculators Allowed Students MUST count the number of pages in this examination question paper before beginning to write, and report any discrepancy to a proctor. This question paper has six (6) two-sided pages. You are also provided with: a formula sheet a table of cumulative binomial probabilities (from page 680-685 of textbook) a table of the standard normal curve (page 688-689 of textbook) This examination question paper may not be taken from the examination room. This examination question paper may not be released to the library. ___________________________________________________________________ Name: ________________________________________ Student Number: ________________________________________ There are 10 questions each worth 10 marks for a total of 100 marks. For questions with multiple parts, the 10 marks for the question are evenly divided. ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS DIRECTLY ON THE EXAM SHEETS. You have 2 hours to complete the exam. GOOD LUCK! DO NOT OPEN THE EXAM UNTIL YOU HAVE BEEN TOLD TO DO SO 1
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EXAM CODE: 001 Question 1 The ages (in months) at which 50 children were first enrolled in a preschool are listed. You are interested in finding out the proportion of children that were 35 months or older, and you want to get a general idea of the distribution of the ages. 30 30 30 31 31 32 32 32 33 33 34 34 35 35 35 36 36 36 36 36 37 37 38 38 39 39 39 40 40 40 40 41 41 41 41 42 42 43 43 45 45 46 46 46 47 48 48 50 50 55 (Note: Values have been sorted) a) If you were to construct a relative frequency histogram to accomplish your desired task , what would be the label for your y-axis? That is, on a relative frequency histogram, what is on the y-axis? The proportion of the 50 children, percentage, relative frequency, etc. b) What would be the title for your x-axis? Age group (in months) c) What would be the interval classes on your x-axis (list them out)? To get an idea of the number of classes: k >= log(50)/log 2 = 5.64. There suggested k = 6. Range is 55-30 = 25. So suggested class width using k=6 is 4.2. More practical to use 5 intervals of width=5. [30,35); [35,40); [40,45); [45,50); [50, 55] Have intervals such that you can aggregate to get 35 or more since that is an element of interest. d) Using the method of left inclusion, what would the value be on the y-axis for an age class of 40 to 50. 20/50 = 0.4. Therefore, the y-axis value for the interval [40,50) is 0.4.
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Midterm with front_with answers - STAT 2507 A EXAM CODE 001...

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