354as2w11 - STAT 3504 Assignment #2 DUE: Wed. Feb. 9 Use...

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STAT 3504 Assignment #2 DUE: Wed. Feb. 9 Use SAS to help you do questions #1, #2, #3, #4 & #5. Hand in a copy of BOTH code and output. Remember to use the DM and FOOTNOTE statements at the beginning of your program. Also use a LINESIZE of 85 and a PAGESIZE of 35 or 40. 1. #2 on assign 1 cont. : In an experiment to investigate the effect of colour of paper (blue, green, orange) on response rates for questionnaires distributed by the "windshield" method in supermarket parking lots, 15 representative supermarket parking lots were chosen in a metropolitan area and each colour was assigned at random to 5 of the lots. The response rates (in percent) follow. Assume the fixed levels single factor ANOVA model ε μ ij i ij + = Y is appropriate. unit j factor level i 1 2 3 4 5 blue 28 26 31 27 35 green 34 29 25 31 29 orange 33 25 27 29 28 N.B. Since the sample sizes in the factor levels are small, instead of obtaining plots and tests for each factor level, in order to check for non-normality you should combine ALL the e ij - provided there is no evidence of inequality of variances among the factor levels. From Assignment 1, the Brown-Forsythe test for unequal factor level variances gave 8 1 .0 = F * 2) (2, BF with a p-value of 0.9192. a) Is it appropriate here to combine all the e ij ? Why or why not? b) Fit the model and test whether there is evidence of obvious non-normality by i) use of a normal probability plot and ii) using the correlation coefficient between the ordered residuals and their expected values under normality with Table B6 to test for non-normality. 2. For problem #18.17 in your text the data is in the CD that comes with your text under the file name ch18pr17.dat It is also in /CourseFiles/STAT3504A/ch18pr17.dat column 1 = response, column 2 = factor level (winding speeds),
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354as2w11 - STAT 3504 Assignment #2 DUE: Wed. Feb. 9 Use...

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