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Stonewall-Chap2-3 - that he had never come into contact...

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Brent Chaney Question #1 What do you find significant about Jackson’s West Point experience? When Jackson entered West Point for his first plebe(year) he had very little formal education in any subject. His first test would be to pass a preliminary examination that included a physical examination. Upon passing this exam he was then enrolled in the standard six month probation period. Jackson didn’t have time to waste his plebe year because he was busy enough trying to make sure he passed his classes and dealing with the hazing by the upperclassman. After the summer of the plebe year the cadets who still remained were issued full-dress cadet uniforms. At the end of his plebe year Jackson was one of eighty-three cadets who still remained. With the help of a tutor named William Henry Chase Whiting, Jackson was able to slowly work his way up the class standings. As Jackson slowly climbed the academic ranks he also learned many social skills
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Unformatted text preview: that he had never come into contact with in rural Virginia. He learned “to bow to ladies, to use a handkerchief, to keep his fingernails clean, and to employ proper table manners.” Jackson also learned such things as ballroom dancing which he “presumably…mastered.” With the progress he was making, at the end of his second year, with his class down to seventy-eight, his standing had improved greatly. By the end of his fourth year Jackson had increased his class standing so much that he was now in the top third of his class. Fifty-nine cadets graduated with Jackson in 1846, making it the biggest class in the school’s history. Before returning home Jackson and some friends went to New York City to celebrate which would lead to the first and last recorded instance of Jackson’s being drunk....
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Stonewall-Chap2-3 - that he had never come into contact...

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