Tut sol week4 - BES Tutorial Sample Solutions S1/11 WEEK 4...

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BES Tutorial Sample Solutions, S1/11 WEEK 4 TUTORIAL EXERCISES (To be discussed in the week starting March 21) 1. UNSW wants to measure its attractiveness in absorbing bright minds from across Australia. They perform an experiment by inviting 100 high school students from different public schools in New South Wales and ask them to browse a few websites related to different universities and choose one that they would prefer most. (a) Is this a random sample? Can you think of any potential source of bias? The sample is not perfectly random. First of all, only students in NSW are sampled, therefore the attitudes of students from other states of Australia and overseas students are missed. Also the students are all coming from public schools, and public school graduates might have different aspirations from private school graduates. (b) Now assume that the sample of students is chosen to be perfectly random. Can you think of any confounding factors? Even if the sample is perfectly random, it should be noted that universities have different qualities in different fields. For instance, UNSW engineering and science might be leading faculties, but the medical faculty might not be the top. A student’s choice of a university does not only depend on the attractiveness of the University as a whole, but also on the fact that they are leading in the particular field that the student is interested in. Also Australian students have historically been reluctant to travel, so
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Tut sol week4 - BES Tutorial Sample Solutions S1/11 WEEK 4...

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