Together we Stand Letter - UGAS 1767 NW 16th Avenue Coral...

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UGAS 1767 NW 16 th Avenue Coral Springs Florida, 33071 To whom it may concern, Re: Hazardous waste I feel that everyone within our community should know the shocking information that I have found. As everyone clearly knows that many people within our community are suffering from symptoms that seem to all be the same, I think that it has something to do with our surrounding environment. I have further investigated into things that could be causing the problem within our community. Based on the reaction I have experience firsthand, I have found that it is the harmful effects from poorly discarded waste from your Gas Company. I have called the Waste Management Authority(WMA) who have tested Soil , water and air pollution, and they have handed down the results, a copy s attached for your perusal and response. If a gas company does not maintain the strict standards of the safety regulations that prevent pollution of this magnitude from happening, then this will result in death, lawsuits and jail time for those who see the risks and ignore them. Based on my interview with 65 different families within my community, it came to
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Together we Stand Letter - UGAS 1767 NW 16th Avenue Coral...

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