ECON 202 Course Outline 5 July 2010

ECON 202 Course Outline 5 July 2010 - School of Economics...

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1 School of Economics and Finance ECON 202 MACROECONOMICS Trimester Two 2010 Names and Contact Details Contact with the lecturers is best initiated by email or through making an appointment. The Course Coordinator is: Professor Viv Hall Room: RH 401 in Rutherford House, 23 Lambton Quay Telephone: (04) 463 5081 Email: [email protected] Lectures will be presented by: Dr Stephen Burnell, RH 425, [email protected] , telephone 463 5764 Professor Viv Hall Trimester Dates Teaching Period: Monday 12th July – Friday 15th October 2010 Study Period: Monday 18th October – Thursday 21st October 2010 Examination Period: Friday 22nd October – Saturday 13th November 2010 (inclusive) Note: Students who enrol in courses with examinations should be able to attend an examination at the University at any time during the formal examination period. Withdrawal from Courses: Your fees will be refunded if you withdraw from this course on or before 23 July 2010 The last date for withdrawal from this course is the three-quarter point of the teaching period, i.e. Friday 24 September. After that date, permission to withdraw requires the permission of the Associate Dean (Students) as set out in section 8 of the Personal Courses of Study Statute! To apply for permission, fill in the Late Withdrawal form available from either of our Student Customer Service Desks. Class Times and Room Numbers: There will be two fifty-minute lectures per week: Wednesday and Friday: 10.30 am – 11.20 am Rutherford House Lecture Theatre 1 (RH LT1) Lecture slides/overheads and other course material will be available from Blackboard Pre-requisite : ECON 140 Note : An introductory mathematics course such as QUAN 111 will be of considerable assistance - see pp 7-8 of SEF Prospectus 2010 for other possibilities.
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Course Content ECON 202 is an intermediate level open-economy macroeconomics course, which provides a more challenging consideration of some of the macroeconomic topics introduced in ECON 140, together with significant new material and perspectives. It features applications of an open economy macroeconomic model to macroeconomic issues and policy, including the interdependence of macroeconomic activity and markets, the roles of expectations variables and other dynamic adjustment mechanisms, and the significance of international events, exchange rate regimes, inflation, and unemployment. More detailed analyses of these and other dynamic issues are taken up in ECON 305. Course Learning Objectives By the end of this course, students should be able to: 1. describe the interdependent nature of key macroeconomic variables and markets, and the dynamics of responses to economic shocks 2. analyse goods and financial market behaviour in the basic IS-LM model 3. explain the role of expectations variables in financial and goods markets 4. analyse how open economy financial and goods markets operate under fixed and flexible
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ECON 202 Course Outline 5 July 2010 - School of Economics...

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