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Paper Assignment #2(1) - If you still believe you could be...

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PS104 Problems in US Politics Spring Quarter, 2011 Paper Assignment #2 Due in class on Wednesday, May 18 – 25% of your course grade Please submit your paper on time. Every business day a paper is late, it loses one full grade. Three pages, double-spaced, normal margins and fonts. The paper can be slightly shorter or longer, just be sure you give a complete, concise answer. If you directly quote from the texts, you only need to cite the page number. You do not need a bibliography. If, after receiving back your graded paper, you believe you could be graded more fairly, please first see the GTF who graded your paper.
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Unformatted text preview: If you still believe you could be graded more fairly, you may ask me to re-grade your paper, which could result in a higher or lower grade. Paper Question: According to Brutus and Publius, how does the size of a republic relate to the republic’s preservation and good government? Rubric: You will be graded by how well you critically evaluate the texts; meaning, how well you show you understand the texts, how thoughtfully you espy the weaknesses and strengths of the political arguments, and how concise and clear your explanations are....
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