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DS-Chandy Summary - Summary on Distributed Snapshots:...

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Summary on Distributed Snapshots: Determining Global States of Distributed Systems Name : Sandeep Paul Katumalla Student ID : 36164944 Overview: The principal objective of this paper is to conceptualize and define notions of global state and an algorithm for detection of global states by processes. It also deals in detail the 'stable property detection' class of problems. A key point to note is that a process can only record its own local state along with a log of the messages it sends and receives. Hence, all the process in the distributed system must cooperate in determining a global state of the system. Salient features of the algorithm: The main idea put forth by the authors is that several distributed system problems can be translated into problems on finding a stable property of the system. A stable property, such as system deadlock, or unavailability of tokens in a token ring is, if true at a particular state S , is also true at all subsequents states S' of the system. Moreover, the distributed algorithms can be viewed as sequence of phases, where consecutive phases are seperated by a stable property. The objective now is to detect the termination of the k th phase of a given process. Modelling a distributed system also requires the notion of a channel( c ) , which conveys inter process communication messages and is assumed to have an
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DS-Chandy Summary - Summary on Distributed Snapshots:...

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