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The Color Purple

The Color Purple - The Color Purple Alice Walker Women in...

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The Color Purple Alice Walker Women in Religion Breyon Love Johnathan Shuler Kirra Welch LaKeara Porter Maria Forest Tahirah Jarrett It started with a phenomenal writer’s vision and ended up a nationwide best seller. Alice Walker brought emotion and controversial awareness when she wrote the novel The Color Purple. She wanted to alert the readers of the trials and tribulations that the black woman of the
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1930’s was tested with. Her choice of vocabulary and descriptive style of writing made the reader have self-pity over circumstances that went on throughout the reading. She wanted you to in vision the difficulty and pain that a black female of that time had to deal with. Observing the characters, you can see the different behavioral patterns alternating throughout the book do to their turning points in life. After analyzing the book, the reader will notice that the moral of the story holds a various amount ethical views. In a glance, The Color Purple is about a young black female named Celie who has to put up a fight her whole entire life. At the age of fourteen, the poor, uneducated child was abused and raped on several occasions by her father Alphonso. After impregnated her and taking her child away, Celie starts writing letters to God. She never was able to express how she felt to someone because no one was really there. He mother passed away due to severe illness so she played mother to her siblings, and she was pretty much enslaved in her own home. After finding another wife, her father still found ways to put his hands on her. Celie has a sister named Nettie, who everyone adored. She was more vibrant looking and intelligent from Celie. In that era, you were allowed to send off your daughter at a young age to get married. A man who the book refers to as Mr.__ wanted to take Nettie’s hand in marriage, but her
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The Color Purple - The Color Purple Alice Walker Women in...

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