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BSC-1010L Review2_labs_5_6_7 F-09 - REVIEW LAB PRACTICAL 2...

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REVIEW LAB PRACTICAL 2 –Labs 5, 6, and 7 Lab 5: Membrane Phenomena 1. Use my lecture notes for Labs, 5, 6 and 7 as a study aid, especially for refreshing your memory on what things “look” like. . Also study the Worksheet Keys (In WORKSHEET Folder) that go with these labs, ESPECIALLY the one for Lab 6 with the Dilution Series Problems. 2. Know what is meant by osmosis, diffusion, hypertonic, isotonic, hypotonic . Don’t forget about the diffusion of methylene blue (blue, larger molecule) and potassium permangenate (red, smaller molecule) in the agar diffusion experiment ! 3. Know what is meant by plasmolysis (plants) and crenation (red blood cells) and WHY it happens. Remember that I have place pictures in the WRITING RESOURCES Folder that show what the sheep’s red blood cells looked liked under the microscope (100x) and in the test tube. 4. Review data for sheep red blood cells in the Lab Practical Review Sheets folder: Review Lab Practical 2==>Sheep Red Blood Cell Data 5. What are the characteristics permit a substance in? Keep it out? 6. Know that the isotonic point on a graph is the point at which it intersects the X-Axis Lab 6:Enzymes 1. Know how to make a dilution series and be able to figure out such things as: the dilution factor (DF), aliquot volume (AF), diluent volume (DF), how to figure a dilution factor if given the concentration of the aliquot (solution diluted) and the concentration of the first tube in the series. This is explained in my notes at the end of the Membrane Phenomena lab.
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BSC-1010L Review2_labs_5_6_7 F-09 - REVIEW LAB PRACTICAL 2...

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