Lecture 8 soc 100 - The Double Standard-Men are taught to...

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The Double Standard -Men are taught to see sex in terms of performance and achievement -Women are taught to associate sex with intimacy and affection -A double standard exists regarding male and female sexual behavior; premarital and extramarital sex is okay for men, but not for women -“Hooking-up” is okay for guys, but a girl that engages in too much casual sex is called a slut or tramp Family -Most of us have an idealized version of what a family is, and how a family should operate -Two parents are the ideal norm, with children -We are socialized to value this family form more than others In Fact. .. -Historically, few families conform to the ideal that is portrayed on TV of a happy monogamous family of a mom, dad, and two or three kids -In today’s society, there are many variations in family structure -In 2009, married couple families comprise only 1/2 of all families Defining a Family -Family is a primary group of people, usually related by ancestry, marriage, or adoption. ..who form a cooperative economic unit to care for offspring and each other, and. ..who are committed to maintaining the group over time (see book for different family forms) For all of the Social Institutions we study, make sure. . -That you know the functionalist, conflict, SI and other important theoretical
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Lecture 8 soc 100 - The Double Standard-Men are taught to...

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