SOC Lecture 7 - Defining Sex Gender Sex is the biological...

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Sex is the biological characteristic (XX or XY genes) Gender is a social identity, the socially learned expectations and behaviors associated with members of each sex. o Appropriate male or female roles and behavior varies from culture to culture. o Different racial, ethnic, and social classes construct gender identity differently. Gender Socailization Through gender socialization, men and women learn the expectations associate their sex. The rules of gender extend to all aspects life and society. It affects one’s self-concepts, social and political attitudes, perceptions about other people, and feelings about relationships with others. Formation of gender identity Gender identity is basic to our self-concept and shapes our expectations for ourselves, our abilities and interests, and how we interact with others. It influences the likelihood of us using drugs or abusing alcohol. It influences whether or not one likes or dislikes how they look, and their self- esteem. Price of Conformity Conformity to stereotypical gender expectations takes its toll on both men and women. It is expressed in high rates of violence against women. Men’s power is expressed in physical and emotional violence. -e.g. rape, sexual abuse, intimate partner violence, stalking, genital mutilation, honor killings Female thinness and male strength ideals are related to health problems such as eating disorders, smoking and steroid abuse. Conformity to traditional gender roles denies each gender the following: Women: access to power, influence, achievement, income equality, independence in the public world. Men: nurturing, caring, emotional expression
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SOC Lecture 7 - Defining Sex Gender Sex is the biological...

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