SOC EXTRA CRE ASSIGNMENT - Race class and gender are all...

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Race, class and gender are all aspects that contribute to someone’s social status in society. Sad to say that society is still set up like this but in my opinion still remains a harsh reality. Evidence has shown is previous societies as well as current society that these 3 characteristics alone have some type of effect on a person’s “social success.” Conflict theorist say that race, gender and class are a way of negatively effecting society and can do more damage than good. Race is a huge contributor to how a person is perceived in society. A racial group is a group of people treated as a distinct grouping of people based on their biological characteristics, which ultimately have been assigned a level of certain importance. Those within the dominant majority held a higher status and the minority held a lower status. Whites were the dominant majority; with all other races such as Latinos, Blacks and Asians were identified as the minority. In most if not all cases members of the minority group were faced with some form of discrimination, prejudice or racism against them because of their racial association. From trying to get a job, day-to-day activities even trying to get into a good school race is a factor of the outcome. Minorities are held at a disadvantage due to the stigma assigned to their race. This goes back to colonization, while colonizing the Americas and other parts of the world Europeans used conquest to rationalize genocide, slavery, stealing land and resources from the native people. Slavery was the first extremely effective multinational method of capitalism. Prior to 1900 slaves, Hispanics and Chinese immigrants in the U.S. were prohibited from attending school according to state laws in the west and south. Even in modern day society when minorities are given the opportunity to go to school they still face racism, discrimination
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SOC EXTRA CRE ASSIGNMENT - Race class and gender are all...

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