TC lecture march 14th

TC lecture march 14th - Problematic terrain e.g swamp...

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Mo/dems > ISPs (one end decoder other end encoder) Telephones (TCP) o Technology Stable o Modems for internet DSL (TCP) Phones Lines Dependent on distance from hub Cable (coaxial) TV/Internet/Phone Dependent on number of users Martin Cooper (1978) Called rival @bell from NYC Inspirations included: Early Systems Not mass- marketed Single transmitter/city High cost/limited service First commercial systems(1982) Wireless is great in high population density areas Large Populations Serviced with single (or lowest # of ) towers Low pre existing infrastructure Run just one line
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Unformatted text preview: Problematic terrain e.g. swamp, mountain, etc Mobile calling Turn on Mobile Phone searches for SID Makes registration request Dial a number Mobile telephone switching office matches call to database to find your cell MTSO finds/assigns frequency pair, transmits via control channel Your phone and tower switch to that frequency Call is routed through Types of mobiles SDM: space division Separate cells FDMA Frequency division TDMA Time division CDMA Same frequency/modulated by unique code 3g- data transimssion...
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TC lecture march 14th - Problematic terrain e.g swamp...

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