ISP EXAM 1 guide - Reservoir a man made lake...

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Reservoir a man made lake Electromagnetic Spectrum - all radiant energy produced by the sun placed in a ordered range, divided according to wavelength. Convection - vertical transfer of heat from one place to another through the actual movement of air Hydrosphere - Earths waters in the atmosphere on the surface and the crust Barometer - any object that measures air pressure Environmental Lapse Rate actual lapse rate at any particular time and place, may differ due to weather conditions Scattering – changing the direction of the lights movement without altering its wavelengths Sublimation - Direct change of water vapor to ice or ice to water vapor Evaporation - Movement of water molecules away from a wet surface into air that is less saturated Saturation - the rate of condensation and evaporation reach equilibrium (Air is saturated when dew point temp and air temp are the same) Dew Point - temperature at which a given mass of air becomes saturated Electron - subatomic particle with a negative charge Neutron - subatomic particle with no charge, slightly larger than a proton Proton - subatomic particle with +1 charge Temperature – measure of sensible heat energy in the atmosphere, indicates the average kinetic energy of individual molecules within the atmosphere Conduction – slow molecule to molecule transfer of heat from warmer to cooler portions through a medium Atmosphere – Layer of gases that may surround a material body of sufficient mass and is held in place by the gravity of the body Fission – the nucleus of an atom splitting into smaller parts Atom - basic unit of matter that consists of a dense central nucleus surrounded by a cloud of negatively charged electrons Photoelectric Effect –Electrons are emitted from matter as a consequence of their absorption of energy from electromagnetic radiation of a very short wavelength (visible light or ultraviolet light) Corona - type of plasma of the sun or other celestial body, extending millions of kilometers into space (seen during a total solar eclipse or coronagraph) Geothermal Energy – energy of potential boiling steam produced by subsurface magma in near contact with groundwater
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ISP EXAM 1 guide - Reservoir a man made lake...

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