ISP Lecture 2 - Long Wave Plus a Short Wave = a complex...

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ISP Lecture 2 16:29 Earth- sun distance- 93,000,000 miles Earth- 8000 miles in diameter Sun-865,000 miles in diameter 109 x earth Earth- Sun distance – 11,753 earth diameters  Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet (Colors Of the Rainbow) What is light other than a mixture of colors? A wave? Light retracts like it might be a wave Wavelength is the distance between crests Sound is a compression wave What is the speed or the velocity of light? Io orbits Jupiter in 42.5 hours (1 revolution) Speed of light =186,000 miles/sec What is the medium that supports the light wave? Luminiferous Ether
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Unformatted text preview: Long Wave Plus a Short Wave = a complex wave Albert Michelson & Edward Morley Interferometer-Recombine the two waves at the detector. If one encountered a wind it would arrive behind the other.-No evidence of destructive interference-No evidence of ether wind-No luminerferous there-no medium to support light waves-another unexplained observation Photoelectric Effect So, light behaves as a stream of energy, particles or photons and light behaves as a wave 16:29 16:29...
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ISP Lecture 2 - Long Wave Plus a Short Wave = a complex...

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