ISP Lecture Feb 16, 2011

ISP Lecture Feb 16, 2011 - parcel of air because of...

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ISP Notes 16:44 Phase Change Water may be found in three states or phases o Solid o Liquid o Gas Latent Heat- heat energy absorbed or released when water undergoes a  phase change Heat energy absorbed or released does not necessarily change the  temperature of the ice water mixture The temperature of the ice water mixture remains constant until all of the ice  melts Melting Evaporation Sublimation Freezing Condensation deposition  Melting=Fusion 80 cal/gm (or 335 J/gm) Evaporation= condensation= 540 cal/gm (or 2260 J/gm) at 100 Degrees C Sublimation=Deposition = 680 cal/gm (or 2845 J/gm) at 0 degrees C Air parcel heats internally as its compressed and rises Adiabatic cooling and heating- change of temperature within a bubble or 
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Unformatted text preview: parcel of air because of expansion, resulting in cooling, or compression, resulting in heating. No heat energy is exchanged between the air within the parcel and the outside environment. • Dry adiabatic lapse rate= -10 degrees C per 100 meters , -5.5 Degrees F per 100 feet • DAR • What happens when the air within the parcel cools down to the dew point? (RH= 100%) Condensation Begins (heat is being released) • As the parcel continues to rise it cool at the DAR, heat is added through condensation at about +4 Deg C per 100 meters • Result -10 +4 -6 • Moist Adiabatic lapse rate= -6 Deg C per 100 meters, -3.3 Deg F per 1000 feet 16:44 16:44...
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ISP Lecture Feb 16, 2011 - parcel of air because of...

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