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Intl Bus Paper - The official language in Brazil is...

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The official language in Brazil is Portuguese, which is used in most of the newspapers, radio, television and business transactions. Brazil is the only Portuguese-speaking nation in the Americas, making the language an important part of Brazilian national identity. Brazil is also a very diverse country their any many different races the reside in Brazil. So in trying to take a business there it is important to be exposed to language. Because the Brazil is a colony of Portugal, they also have the same religious views and 80% of the country is Roman- Catholic. With these values and morals that come with being a Roman- Catholic there etiquette is that also comes along with it. In Brazil family is the foundation of the society, families are usually very large and with in the work place nepotism is considered a positive thing, since it implies that employing people one knows and trusts. There are social classes with Brazil, its known the people with darker skin are usually more disadvantaged and poor when compared to lighter skinned people. Women even though in 1988 the Brazilian constitution prohibited the discrimination of women in the workforce. Women make up 40% of the Brazilian workforce, they are typically found in lower paid jobs such as teaching, administrative support, and nursing. The etiquette/customs that Brazilians use when meeting someone for the
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Intl Bus Paper - The official language in Brazil is...

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