Chapter 14 – 16 Definitions

Chapter 14 – 16 Definitions - Root...

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Chapter 14 – 16 Definitions 1. Cell range- refers to a group of cells by naming the 1 st cell and last cell and placing a colon in between. 2. Relative Cell- When the information can be changed (without the $ sign) 3. Absolute cell- Where the information can not be changed 4. Series Fill- fills in days, times and dates on a spreadsheet. 5. Conditonal Formating- controlling the display if text in spreadsheet cells based on the values stored in the cell. 6. Conditional formulas- spreadsheet forumlas that use the IF() function 7. What If Analysis- a spreadsheet tool tha termprarily recomputes entires based on alternative cell values. 8. Scenario- is a named alternative to a spreadsheet based on different inputs. 9. XML- (Extensible Markup Language) W3C- World Wide Web Consortium ( Both are foreign language in computer world 10.
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Unformatted text preview: Root Element-XML tag that includes all content in the file 11. Attributes-in HTML a parameter used within the tags specify additional information, in a database, a property of an enity also called a field. 12. Relational databases-a table-based orgnazation for a database in which queries can be specified using relational operators. 13. Primary key- is the one that the database system will use to decide unquieness 14. ASCII— American Standard Code 15. Query- database command defining a table expressed using the five database operators 16. Query by example (QBE)- is available to us in Microsoft Access 17. Realtionship- is a correspondence between rows in one table and the rows of another table 18. SQL (Structured Query Language) – which is standard base language...
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Chapter 14 – 16 Definitions - Root...

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