CS103 - Chapter 1: • Language of IT- Acronyms, Jargon...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 1: • Language of IT- Acronyms, Jargon (Clicking around) Metaphors window having a special meaning • Two Organizations of Computer Monolithic- everything is bounded together, simple and convenient. (Macbook) Component- Desktop Pc’s with separate parts. (Hard drive, speakers) • Colors RGB- Primary colors (Red, green, blue) CMYK- Primary printer colors. (Cyan, magenta, yellow, key/ black) • Pixels- Smalls grids that form a picture • Software- Means programs or instructions the computer follows to implement functions Chapter2: • Desktop- metaphor, image that displays when PC starts up. 3 icons, 1.app 2.folders 3.files • Buttons- COMMAND BUTTONS, PULL DOWN, DRAG DOWN MENUS • File Operations- Word Processor,MP3 Player, Photo Editor. New, Open save etc. • Edit Operations- lets you make changes in an instant Chapter3: • Communication Types- General Comm- Synchronous- active at the same time. ( AIM) Asynchronous- different time sending’s (email), Broadcast Comm-singe sending and many receivers. Point-to-Point Comm- Single sender and singe receiver. • Client/Server Structure • IP address- Each computer has a numerical address • Hostname- Human readable symbolic names, based on domain hierarchy • DNS- Domain name translates human readable hostnames into ip address. • Domains- domains are related group networks. Edu,org,net.mil • TCP/IP- Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol. Packets of IP address that are sent over the internet so info can be sent. • WAN and LAN- WAN- wide area networks, designed to send info between wide ln separated locations. LAN- Local Area Networks, connect computers close enough to be link by a single cable or wire pair. (Ethernet) • ISP- Internet Service Providers sell connections to the Internet • Wireless Networks • Requesting a Web Page • HTML- Hypertext Markup Languaage- which describes the lay out of a document. ( Font, Text, Margin width) Chapter4: • HTML describes how web page should look • Tags- are enclosed in angle brackets </> they are always at the beginning and the end • Attributes-inside the bracket and tells the pc where the info should be placed. •...
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CS103 - Chapter 1: • Language of IT- Acronyms, Jargon...

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