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Unformatted text preview: NJIT School of Management ACCT 215 (101) Managerial Accounting Fall 2010 Mondays 6-9:05 pm KUPF 209 SyllabusRevised Sept 3 Course Description: This course introduces fundamentals of cost and managerial accounting, including an introduction to job orders and process costing systems, cost allocation, cost behavior, managerial decision models, cost and budgetary planning and control, standard costing, analysis of variance, and responsibility accounting. The course is designed to develop the fundamentals of managerial accounting and provide students with a working knowledge of how accounting data are used by management in planning, decision-making and operational control. ACCT 215 F10 Schoenebeck Page 1 SyllabusRevised Sept 3 INSTRUCTOR Karen Schoenebeck OFFICE CAB 4030 OFFICE PHONE 973-596-3696 FAX 973-596-3074 EMAIL karen.p.schoenebeck@njit.edu OFFICE HOURS M 4:30 5:30 pm and Tues 1-2 pm And by appointment Course Objectives: By the end of the course you should understand the following: Planning The Balanced Scorecard and budgeting Decision-Making Cost-volume-profit analysis, sales mix, operating leverage, incremental analysis, pricing Cost Concepts Job-order costing and cost allocation Operational Control Standard costs, responsibility centers, and The Balance Scorecard The four financial statements Think like a business person and plan for the quarterly and annual financial success of your companymake a group presentation summarizing the results. Required Materials: Text: Accounting Principles , 9 th Edition, by Weygandt, Kimmel, and Kieso; Published by Wiley OR any other Managerial Accounting text....
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215_Day_1_Syllabus_v5_Oct11 - NJIT School of Management...

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