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EE 311 Analog Electronics Take Home Exam Part 3 Due: October 21, 2009 (In class) Single-stage MOSFET Amplifiers Q1. The following circuit is to be designed to provide a voltage gain A v = 0.95 and input resistance R in = 22 M . (a) Find R G , R S and V SS to provide the above given specifications. (b) Calculate the smallest value for V DD , so that MOSFET operates in the
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Unformatted text preview: saturation region under the maximum allowed signal for linear amplification. Q2. Calculate G V = v o /v sig , R in , R out and maximum input signal for linear amplification. V TN = 1.5 V K n = 20 mA/V 2 I DS = 5 mA λ = 0 v sig R sig =10 kΩ R G =1 MΩ R 3 =100 kΩ V DD = V SS = 5 V K n = 400 μA/V 2 V TN =1 V λ = 0.02V-1 v sig R sig...
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