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EE 311 Analog Electronics Differential Amplifiers Q. 1. The differential amplifier circuit above utilizes a resistor connected to the negative power supply to establish the bias current I . (a) Find the magnitude of the differential gain. (b) Find the magnitude of the common mode gain. (c) Calculate the CMRR. (d) If v B1 = 0.1 sin (2 π x 60t) + 0.005 sin (2 π x 1000t) volts, v B2 = 0.1 sin (2 π x 60t) - 0.005 sin (2 π x 1000t) volts, find v o . (e) If R 1 and R 2 have at most 10% variation, and β 1 and β 2 have at most 2% variation, what is the input offset voltage?
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