ee311-syllabus2009 - EE 311 ANALOG ELECTRONICS FALL...

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EE 311 ANALOG ELECTRONICS FALL 2009-2010 Sec. Instructor Office E-mail Address Web address 1 Murat A ş kar D-211 [email protected] 2 Barı ş Bayram C-105 [email protected] 3 Tayfun Akın D-108 [email protected] 4 Nevzat G. Gençer DZ-02 [email protected] 5 Haluk Külah DZ-05 [email protected] Course Description: We live in an almost purely analog world. All events have a continuous nature and event variations occur gradually over a certain amount of time. Our perception of the world-visually, physically, sonically-is continuous (analog) for all practical purposes. Thus, although many of today’s electronic systems are based on digital circuits, from hand-held calculators to the most sophisticated supercomputers, all of these systems eventually need to be interfaced with the analog world. The analog signals received from (or transmitted to) the outside world will often require amplification, processing to remove noise, and filtering to enhance the signal spectrum of interest before they are fed into digital computers. Almost all of these functions require analog circuits. Analog circuit design is a major branch of electronics that is necessary and vital for any person who is graduating with a degree in electrical engineering and electronic circuits and systems. This
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This note was uploaded on 05/25/2011 for the course EE 311 taught by Professor Murataskar during the Spring '11 term at Middle East Technical University.

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ee311-syllabus2009 - EE 311 ANALOG ELECTRONICS FALL...

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