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3 Photosynthesis Study Guide

3 Photosynthesis Study Guide - BS 111 Study Guide...

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BS 111 Study Guide Photosynthesis Vocabulary autotroph light reactions carbon fixation reactions energy harvesting Calvin cycle heterotroph absorbtion spectrum action spectrum chlorophyll a photosystem I photosystem II reaction center carontenoids NADP NADPH 2 noncyclic pathway cyclic pathway photophosphorylation stomata ferrodoxin stroma fluorescence excited electron porphyrin ring ATP synthase thylakoid G3P (glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate) rubulose biphosphate RuBP carboxylase (Rubisco) photorespiration C3 plant reactions C4 plant reactions CAM plants PEP carboxylase mesophyll cells bundle sheath cells 1. Compare and contrast the light versus carbon fixing reactions. 2. What is the overall reaction for photosynthesis resulting in formation of glucose? 3. What wavelengths of light are used by plants and green algae? How does the action spectrum compare to the absorption spectrum. What is the relationship of wavelength to energy in the electromagnetic spectrum and what wavelengths are in visible light?
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