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20. Whitson Circuits of Promotion Mediasport

20. Whitson Circuits of Promotion Mediasport - C hapter 4...

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Chapter 4 Circuits of Promotion: Media, Marketing and the Globalization of Sport David Wtlitstm This sets out to some aspocts of the production and co:ru;utml>li<m of spon in the late twentiefh cellll!l'}'. !11 tile 1990s, fhe Norfh Amerk1111 based (in Amork:m football, ice hockey. llllll baJ;eball) are all to llla!loot meir packages. typka!ly. ru1d licensed merc!mooise-to audie!lces around tile Over a siiglldy longer time events like Formula One !lte Americas' fhe ToW' de Fmn~.-e. and Wtmbledoo llllve become international media :111<1 commerd ru events. as well a.s sports events. The FlfA World Cup and Games. in particular, have succe.edoo in themselves as extravaganza.< 1 Whannel. 1992: !9'J4/5). are watched llllll as a result !lave he.:ome attractive ve.llides for me pronrorers of a ,; well as promotional to the host of glob:!! pr<!dutts, tW'hitSOfl & Macimosb. Tile common factor ill ll!ese beyond communities of interests that transcend national boundaries~ is that ooundi.ll'ies between wl!at usod to be related bet activities-llle prmnn<lon of sports. alld the use of sport.< events and to promote other proow::ts-- are also dis.wlvod. Wenner, Lawrence A. . Mediasport. London, GBR: Routledge, 1998. p 72. http://site.ebrary .com/lib/umich/Doc?id=1 0054 761 &ppg=72 Copyright© 1998. Routledge. All rights reserved. May not be reproduced in any form without permission from the publisher, except fair uses permitted under U.S. or applicable copyright law.
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58 MED!ASPORT INSTITUTION$ 1lre discussion will by some feamres of the early commooilkatioo of io North America. II was observed some years ago that the of spons. like that of "folk"' musk~ a~ Spe1. .'1ators. eonm1001fied versions of lwl ooce entertained !hemselves. Early pmfessional spon was not cmtll'l"lO<lilied ill all tile ways we know if commooilkation we mean for too p11rpose of a 1Lee. p. xi!. Hov;ever~ th.e and of as conunerda! entertainrnent led to the emergence of slri!Ctttres aoo that would mmsfm:m the relati<>nshi~·s between te:anrs Md !he c'<l!nmullil.ies they ostensibly ""'l"'ese:m: ''"""'';>the nrost were the ,,.·nership of teams by private entrepreneurs~ me movement of .both tea:m.s and to larger dties where there were ptollts aoo salarie.s m be mode. Md me formation of combioe.' of "'"'" ope.,t!<:>:rs { Le. leagues) who adUeved nationt:i! market dominar.ion {ad labor market domination! wilhin !heir spom. It is to that pr<>fe''"'"'""l hils devel"'""d lo bistO<kally "f!<id!lc ways in different coumria~. 1lre uaditiooal Gern"!ll.ll praak-., in which e-.•en famous soccer teams were part of multi-sport "dubs:· of local l:rusiness offers an of a nmre less structure. So. too. doos the Awaralian notm-oow under threat-in which football and Rugby LeagrlC dubs hove ooen run beruds answembk 10 a local memllersbip. on whom the dub also for !lmmcial In North America. in co!ltrasl pr<>fe.ssloru!.l de•;·el·"!'<~d fmm tile outset more l:rusiness-like lines: and tlle entrerprene13ri;~! O\>•ners!tip structures.
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20. Whitson Circuits of Promotion Mediasport - C hapter 4...

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