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Logan Roach 3 rd Business Ethics in Canada Even though America and Canada share the same continent, they have many differences between their ethics, etiquette, and behavior. (This is all stuff I read online so I can’t be sure if the information is accurate) Canadian’s value individualism highly. They measure success on a personal level. If you don’t personally do well then you aren’t successful. Canadian’s are open to any discussion you would like to have with them, except about their personal life. They keep that information to relatives and close friends. Ethnocentrism is very high there because Canadians think very highly of themselves.
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Unformatted text preview: They believe they are superior to other cultures. If you are dealing with business in an urban setting men and woman should both wear conservative attire and wearing more of a traditional clothing item and not something that is trendy. Do not eat while walking in public, Canadians prefer that “snacks” in a café or restaurant. Be careful when doing the "V" sign - A "V for Victory" hand signal is considered an insult in Canada if your palm is facing yourself. Do this sign with your palm facing away....
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