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The tired man - He flagged down a taxi that took him to his...

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Logan Roach 3 rd The Tired Man The Tired man left the bar and walked onto the sidewalk. He carried a seemingly large item; he was dragging due to its weight. He stumbled around for several blocks, arriving at a building. Being slightly intoxicated he went inside. He made his way to the large oak desk in the lobby. After more than an hour, he came out, slightly less inebriated than he was when he entered the building. This time he made his way north. The sun was beginning to set so he began to speed walk so he could get to the other building before it was dark. He arrived at the building in the nick of time and he pushed open the door. Exactly an hour later he came out, feeling a little better about him. This time he had a white piece of paper with some words he couldn’t make out and a sloppy signature.
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Unformatted text preview: He flagged down a taxi that took him to his neighborhood. He walked to the nearest pharmacy and handed the paper to the pharmacist. While he was waiting for his prescription to be filled he went and did some grocery shopping for his wife. After he finished getting everything he needed he picked up his prescription and checked out. He came out carrying a brown sack, filled with all his purchases. He stopped to speak to a neighbor who was sitting on his porch enjoying the warm summer’s night. He walked back to his house in silence. He put the key into the door, gave it a turn and the door opened. His wife was waiting at the table for him. He handed the bag to her and kissed her on the cheek....
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