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Radio ad #2 - WOMAN Do they have a high interest rate or...

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Logan Roach 4 th Radio Ad #2 MAN: Excuse me miss, are you alright? That looked like a pretty bad crash. WOMAN: Yes I am fine, my car isn’t though and I don’t have any more to repair it. (Exciting up-beat music begins to play) MAN: It sounds like you need to go to Dollar Loan Center WOMAN: Dollar Loan Center? What is that? MAN: Dollar loan center is a great place to get cash fast when you need it most.
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Unformatted text preview: WOMAN: Do they have a high interest rate or any hidden fees? MAN: Not at all, Dollar Loan Center is a trustworthy money lending service. WOMAN: Thanks bud, I’ll be sure to go there! Sound: Crunching of man’s car. ANNCR: Only Dollar Loan Center has the lowest interest rate and flexible options to help pay back your loan. Come on in at any of our 5 locations or call 1-801-DOLLARS...
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