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Logan Roach 3 rd Research Assignment THE Disc by: Bruce Britt Deliver/ October 2010 DiscMail allows any company to send a disc to any person that has a computer with the all of the products information on the disc that the person can pop into their computer and explore. The company is hailed as “direct mail supercharged” because putting a disc into a computer is much simpler that a magazine. Clients of DiscMail are able to track and measure how consumers are interacting with their discs in real time. This feature gives the company the
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Unformatted text preview: power to customize, segment, and target specific groups of people. DiscMail has revolutionized the direct mail industry with a rich media experience for the potential customers. The web has limited bandwidth, print is boring, that’s why DiscMail says “this is the killer application that bridges the game and fosters dynamic engagement.” They are hoping to mail out a billion discs in the next two years....
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