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Logan Roach 4 th The Excited Man The excited man left his apartment and walked onto the sidewalk. He carried a snowboard with him. He walked for several blocks, arriving at a building. It appeared to be an indoor jib park, probably built not too long ago. He went inside, approaching the desk in the front. After 3 hours he came out, still carrying his snowboard. He walked north this time, for nearly half an hour. He came to another building, seemingly a warehouse. He went inside. After more than 2 hours, he came out, seeming more alive than ever. This time he was wearing a new coat and had a backpack with other clothes in it.
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Unformatted text preview: The man walked back to his neighborhood, shuffling into a grocery store. He bought a few Monsters. He came out caring a brown sack, filled with groceries. He stopped to speak to a vendor and bought 12 tacos. Then he walked back to his apartment. He gives 2 of the tacos to the lady who was shoveling the snow off the concrete steps. He then returned to his apartment. He then called his friend and told him about the tacos and his new snowboard. The friend came over and enjoyed the tacos. After the meal, they went to go have a jib sesh and their local mountain....
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