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Logan Roach 4 th Vocabulary 2 Advertising Media – The way an ad is presented to a potential customer. Print Media – Paper advertisements used to present information. Broadcasting Media – Television or radio used to present ads with video. Direct-mail Media – Companies mail information to your house to encourage you to buy a product. Outdoor Transit Media – Advertisements on busses, benches, trax, buildings, or billboards. Electronic/Internet Media – Advertisements placed on the internet. Specialty Media – An item with an advertiser’s information on it. Headline – Prominent words in an ad which draw in the customer’s attention.
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Unformatted text preview: Signature – Logo of the company or service. Copy – Printed words that tell about or promote a product or service. Layout – Orderly presentation of elements in an advertisement White Space – Space not being used in an advertisement. Substrate – Surface an advertisement is printed on. Resolution – Level of concentration in the dot pattern used in printing. Billboard – Large outdoor board used to display information or images. Proof – Photocopy of an ad in progress given to an advertiser to check before the final product....
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