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Logan Roach 4 th Vocabulary 2 Advertising Media – The way an ad is presented to a potential customer. Print Media – Paper advertisements used to present information. Broadcasting Media – Television or radio used to present ads with video. Direct-mail Media – Companies mail information to your house to encourage you to buy a product. Outdoor Transit Media – Advertisements on busses, benches, trax, buildings, or billboards. Electronic/Internet Media – Advertisements placed on the internet. Specialty Media – An item with an advertiser’s information on it. Headline – Prominent words in an ad which draw in the customer’s attention.
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Unformatted text preview: Signature Logo of the company or service. Copy Printed words that tell about or promote a product or service. Layout Orderly presentation of elements in an advertisement White Space Space not being used in an advertisement. Substrate Surface an advertisement is printed on. Resolution Level of concentration in the dot pattern used in printing. Billboard Large outdoor board used to display information or images. Proof Photocopy of an ad in progress given to an advertiser to check before the final product....
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