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Logan Roach 1/13/11 CNN 1/10/11 4P’s In Silver Spring Maryland Moorenko's Ice Cream is struggling to stay in business due to the harsh economy and winter . During winter most people prefer cookies or cakes, not ice cream. The good thing is kid’s always enjoy a delicious treat . Seasonally they will offer different flavors . (Peppermint and ginger for winter). They are an all organic company. The only flavor they use artificial dye is for cotton candy because the little kids will only eat it if the color is blue . This is a good way of promoting their products. If they don’t promote, then the 12 ice
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Unformatted text preview: cream makers and employees will lose their jobs . Another thing they do is cater to parties and events . They offer coffee and pastries in hope bringing in the parents for a caffeine fix and their children to enjoy a delicious dessert . The owner has the ability to create custom flavors in a very short time which keeps people coming in for more . The kids will want ice cream any time of year just because it tastes good . Without children, this business would fail....
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