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Magazine Article - Silverlight technology features...

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Logan Roach 3 rd 3-1-11 Magazine Article This article is all about engaging the fan in what is happening. Ochocinco was tweeting during Super Bowl XLIV providing fans with information and thus the Ochocinco News Network was born. People are able to watch sports via laptop, Iphone, and many other mobile devices. The NFL which is partnered up with ATT offer a package for $10.00 a month that allows you to watch football while on the go. CBS sports which offers free viewing if on a laptop, uses Microsoft Silverlight technology for high quality streaming. The
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Unformatted text preview: Silverlight technology features PIP (picture in picture) allowing the user to watch more than one sport at a time. The introduction of all the new technology brought in 5% more viewers than the previous year. Being able to stream live TV to your cell phone or other portable devices is a great way for fans of any sport to stay up to date on their favorite teams while companies like Capital One, ATT, and Coca Cola are making money off it....
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