Isp Assignment 4 - The Basic tool used in climate change...

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The Basic tool used in climate change production is a computer model of Earths Surface and the processes at work there. Today there are about ten different global circulation models (GCMS) seeking to stimulate the way the atmosphere behaves and to predict how it will behave in the future. No one has yet developed a theory of cloud formation and dissipation; and because clouds can both trap heat and reflect sunlight back into space they can powerfully heat or cool. Nathan Gillett and his colleagues have recently documented how human-induced climate change is altering sea level pressure. This is the first clear evidence of greenhouse gases directly affecting a meteorological factor other than temperature. Ultimately humans are a huge factor in climate change of the earth and we need to change our ways to prevent the worse case scenario. Chapter seventeen is talking about the earth approaching extreme danger. The amount of greenhouse gases that we have released and that we continue to release is making a climate change by the year 2050 where the full impact will be felt. If we stopped greenhouse gas emissions then we would reach a new stable climate by 2050 but nobody has come up with a solution to living without greenhouse gas emissions. Climate change should not proceed at a rate faster than that to which ecosystems and food production
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Isp Assignment 4 - The Basic tool used in climate change...

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