ISP assignment 5 - Chapter 23 in weather makers talks about...

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Chapter 23 in weather makers talks about the importance of the ozone layer and the amount of ozone in the atmosphere. Ozone protects us from 95% UV rays that are given off by the sun. Ozone is measured in Dobson units and has been decreasing in the atmosphere over the years. In 1974 Paul Crutzen, F. Sherwood Rowland and Mario Molina discovered that the cause of this were the chemicals being produced by us humans. CFC’s and HFC ‘s came along in 1928 and the chlorine in them were known to destroy ozone at a very high rate. (A single atom can destroy 100,000 molecules of ozone) Chlorine and Bromine are interchangeable and both destructive to ozone with chlorine staying in the atmosphere for 5 years and Bromine only one it is still forty five times more effective in destroying ozone. So vulnerable are many marine species that without stratospheric ozone they would go into a swift decline, precipitating a collapse of the oceans ecosystems. Chapter 24 talks bout the Kyoto protocol that established two important things. The assignment of greenhouse targets to developed countries, and arrangements for emissions trading of the six most important greenhouse gases. With Co2 being the most significant greenhouse gas Kyoto was thought of as setting national carbon budgets for the participating nations and establishing a new currency. If we were to stabilize our climate, Kyoto’s target needs to be strengthened twelve times over. A case can be madethat developing a new global currency from top down is too risky to be acceptable. Those who endorse the new currency argue that while the risks of creating a carbon dollar are
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ISP assignment 5 - Chapter 23 in weather makers talks about...

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