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Global warming is a hoax is about people who ignore the issue of global warming. The article describes how some organizations go to the extent to pay scientific organizations to leave out some of the information about climate change so it doesn’t sound too serious. “Naysayers” believe that climate change is natural and has nothing to do with human activity. Believers state that a very small change in the solar output in the past 50 years is too small to explain the recent warming, so the naysayers are wrong. The New York Times reported that the white house tweaked government reports to blemish the link between greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. The purpose of the article is to let people know that global warming is occurring right before our eyes and the government is making a clear effort to cover it up. Greenhouse Simplicities is about the solutions that scientists have come up with to render the problem of climate change and how the government has responded. Solutions such as more efficient cars, solar & wind powered objects, and raising gas
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