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MG665 Managerial Communication Lesson #9 Assignment #3 The press at any press conference will be primed to ask tough questions. In the "Nutrasweet" case, it behooves management to prepare in advance for any questions that might be asked. Assume that you are Shapiro and have taken the lead in this press conference. Your team has come up with the following questions the press might ask. How would you respond to the following? 1. Is it ethical to sell the same product to different customers at different prices? Explain. We need to serve the needs of our customers and subsequently their customers, the consumer. As we all know, plain and simple, economics depends on supply and demand. We have justified our pricing based on that principle, as has every other business. We have a valuable product, and we simply charge our customers accordingly. This is not unethical; it is business as usual. 2. If the product has no value, is it worth taking any risk? I beg to differ with your statement that NutraSweet has no value. It has given freedom to
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MG665L9A3 - MG665 Managerial Communication Lesson #9...

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